Working in a Clean Room

So I have got a new job and it is working for a really big company called Analog Devices. They are involved in all sorts of things, for example they make the micro chips that power smart phones and mobile devices. That is what I am doing, but I am working in one of their smaller operations from what I have been told. At the moment I am still in training, they have to teach you what you can do and what you can not do if you are working in a clean room class 100. The class 100 refers to the quantity of dust particles which are removed by the air treatment system. Dust is a huge deal, because these processes can not have any contamination. Even microscopic contamination is going to be highly destructive to these Microsystems. They try to get rid of as much of the stuff as they can, which is not easy as every cubic meter of air contains millions of particles and you have to eliminate as many of them as you are able. The clean room uses these yellow lights as we are employing a process called photolithography. That basically means that you are using light to print the circuits on the microprocessor. It is a bit tough to get used to, but that is all part of the job and there is not any choice in the matter. If you used white light it would not allow you to do this procedure and you would serve no real purpose. Of course the technicians working in the clean room have to wear what are called bunny suits. It covers you from head to toe and prevents particles from coming off of the workers. In fact people are loaded with these particles as your skin is constantly dying and so forth.

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