My Computer Seems to Be Flaking out

I am not sure what this means, but it seems to have something to do with some software that I have installed recently. My computer is locking up all of the time recently and it seems to be something called an aspi system application error. I have not figured out where it is coming from or how I am supposed to fix it just yet. It seems as though it is a big problem though, because nothing seems to be working right at the moment. The entire machine is acting flaky and stuff that should happen instantly is being very slow. It is extremely frustrating to me and I am not sure what I can do about it. I am thinking that the math is not really good either way on replacing it with a new system. It would not be cheap to replace this machine at all. I am not going to want to buy another machine like this unless I can get someone who can build it for me.

It would probably cost 1800 dollars to build a machine like this one from a place like Best Buy. I had a guy from work put it together for me and he was really excited about it. He was the IT guy at a place I worked for back in South Carolina and now he is about a thousand miles away. The computer was built in November 2011 and it has been pretty good and it still meets my needs just fine. I do not have the need to replace it for any real reason. So I am thinking that I will back up all of the stuff that I really need and save the licenses on my software, then I will wipe it clean and start over with a clean install.

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