Is Your Company Still Using the BS7799-2 Standard?

Collaborate’ event to showcase business risk and info protection ... If your company is still using the BS7799-2 standard, than now is the time to seriously consider adopting the ISO 27000 information security standard. The International Security Alliance promotes adoption of ISO 27000 information security standard by the end of the year and most businesses simply aren’t protecting their customer’s information as well as they should be.

Why Upgrade To ISO 27000 Information Security Standards?

Since October 2005, it has been well known that the old BS7799-2 standard hasn’t been sufficiently protecting information. The BS7799-2 was adopted in the 1990s and doesn’t account for all the advances in technology that have taken place over the last 20 years. The ISO 27000 series was created in response to this weakness in the standards. For Information Security Management Systems, the ISO 27000 is a model to help your business establish, implement, operate, review and maintain your current system. It is a security standard upgrade that allows your business to protect more than just your secure information, but also to protect your company from potential liabilities that happen when sensitive information gets out.

How Difficult is it to Adopt ISO 27000 series standards?

Adopting the new ISO 27000 standards is actually a pretty straightforward process. The process begins with your company deciding to adopt the standards. From there it is a matter of assigning project tasks, defining an information security policy, managing risks, and implementing the controls. The certification process is very quick as well. An independent third party will conduct an evaluation of your controls and issue you a certificate upon successful completion of a security audit. Once certified, your company will be able to guarantee that your information systems are operating wiht a high level of security when handling sensitive information.

How to get started.

The good news is that researching the ISO 27000 is the best place to start upgrading your standards. The next step is to seek out a third party certification company that can guide you through the process. They will help you step-by-step and work to get your company up to the current ISO 27000 series standards. The cost varies depending on your specific needs, but most companies find certification to be very affordable. Once you decide that you are ready to upgrade, the process is as easy as following simple steps that are laid out for you. Now is the time to get your security up to par.

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