Experimenting in How to Jailbreak IOS 8

I like to see if I can do things. I read all of this stuff about phones and how they work. I don’t have any intent to do anything bad or good with the knowledge. I just like to know. I got hold of an older iOS smartphone that was capable of upgrading to iOS8. Since the phone had a cracked case and part of the screen was cracked, I decided to try and jailbreak iOS 8 using instructions I found at the website link. I just wanted to see if I could do it and still have the phone work.

It is much less hair raising to try jailbreaking a phone you can afford to literally break rather than the phone you use. My phone is not new, but it is still under the contract with my carrier. I would not experiment on it until I replaced it with a new model. It is neat how people figure out how to jailbreak the iOS operating systems no matter what new versions come out. It takes talent to be able to figure this stuff out.

Still, an amateur should try it only on a device he or she is willing to mess up for the first time. You do want to make sure you can do it right, and you want to make sure you follow the steps precisely. Also, it is nice to know what features get unlocked on the test phone before you go trying it out on a new phone you still have in use. There might even be a market for phones that have been opened up in this manner. I never checked the auction sites to find out. Lots of people break their phones literally, and being able to jailbreak iOS 8 that is on a phone from another carrier would be cool because you could then use it on your carrier instead. I have a lot of friends who have phones with a different carrier. If I break mine, I could get one of their older ones, jailbreak it and use it on my carrier.

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