Divorce Lawyers with Fantastic Reputations

Fairfax County, Virginia — Towne Home LivingI am going to need to get divorced in the near future, because I woke up one day, and I realized that I did not love my wife anymore. We had been trying to make things work for years, but things just seem to get worse, and never better. I am not sure why we even got married in the first place. It was pretty stupid for us to do so. Anyway, I need to look into finding a divorce lawyer in fairfax virginia pretty soon, because I need to know about any sort of issues that might raise their head during the process of this divorce.

I am not sure how much of my assets and property she will be entitled to during the divorce. I am worried that it will be a messy situation, where she will be entitled to quite a bit of it. However, she cheated on me over a year ago, and that is the reason why we are getting divorced in the end.

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