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Working in a Clean Room

So I have got a new job and it is working for a really big company called Analog Devices. They are involved in all sorts of things, for example they make the micro chips that power smart phones and mobile devices. That is what I am doing, but I am working in one of their smaller operations from what I have been told. At the moment I am still in training, they have to teach you what you can do and what you can not do if you are working in a clean room class 100. The class 100 refers to the quantity of dust particles which are removed by the air treatment system. Dust is a huge deal, because these processes can not have any contamination. Even microscopic contamination is going to be highly destructive to these Microsystems. Continue reading

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Experimenting in How to Jailbreak IOS 8

I like to see if I can do things. I read all of this stuff about phones and how they work. I don’t have any intent to do anything bad or good with the knowledge. I just like to know. I got hold of an older iOS smartphone that was capable of upgrading to iOS8. Since the phone had a cracked case and part of the screen was cracked, I decided to try and jailbreak iOS 8 using instructions I found at the website link. I just wanted to see if I could do it and still have the phone work.

It is much less hair raising to try jailbreaking a phone you can afford to literally break rather than the phone you use. My phone is not new, but it is still under the contract with my carrier. I would not experiment on it until I replaced it with a new model. It is neat how people figure out how to jailbreak the iOS operating systems no matter what new versions come out. It takes talent to be able to figure this stuff out. Continue reading

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My Computer Seems to Be Flaking out

I am not sure what this means, but it seems to have something to do with some software that I have installed recently. My computer is locking up all of the time recently and it seems to be something called an aspi system application error. I have not figured out where it is coming from or how I am supposed to fix it just yet. It seems as though it is a big problem though, because nothing seems to be working right at the moment. The entire machine is acting flaky and stuff that should happen instantly is being very slow. It is extremely frustrating to me and I am not sure what I can do about it. I am thinking that the math is not really good either way on replacing it with a new system. It would not be cheap to replace this machine at all. I am not going to want to buy another machine like this unless I can get someone who can build it for me.

It would probably cost 1800 dollars to build a machine like this one from a place like Best Buy. I had a guy from work put it together for me and he was really excited about it. He was the IT guy at a place I worked for back in South Carolina and now he is about a thousand miles away. The computer was built in November 2011 and it has been pretty good and it still meets my needs just fine. I do not have the need to replace it for any real reason. So I am thinking that I will back up all of the stuff that I really need and save the licenses on my software, then I will wipe it clean and start over with a clean install.

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Divorce Lawyers with Fantastic Reputations

Fairfax County, Virginia — Towne Home LivingI am going to need to get divorced in the near future, because I woke up one day, and I realized that I did not love my wife anymore. We had been trying to make things work for years, but things just seem to get worse, and never better. I am not sure why we even got married in the first place. It was pretty stupid for us to do so. Anyway, I need to look into finding a divorce lawyer in fairfax virginia pretty soon, because I need to know about any sort of issues that might raise their head during the process of this divorce.

I am not sure how much of my assets and property she will be entitled to during the divorce. I am worried that it will be a messy situation, where she will be entitled to quite a bit of it. However, she cheated on me over a year ago, and that is the reason why we are getting divorced in the end.

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Is Your Company Still Using the BS7799-2 Standard?

Collaborate’ event to showcase business risk and info protection ... If your company is still using the BS7799-2 standard, than now is the time to seriously consider adopting the ISO 27000 information security standard. The International Security Alliance promotes adoption of ISO 27000 information security standard by the end of the year and most businesses simply aren’t protecting their customer’s information as well as they should be.

Why Upgrade To ISO 27000 Information Security Standards?

Since October 2005, it has been well known that the old BS7799-2 standard hasn’t been sufficiently protecting information. The BS7799-2 was adopted in the 1990s and doesn’t account for all the advances in technology that have taken place over the last 20 years. The ISO 27000 series was created in response to this weakness in the standards. For Information Security Management Systems, the ISO 27000 is a model to help your business establish, implement, operate, review and maintain your current system. Continue reading

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Why Security is Important for Every Business

The information age is upon us, and with it comes the increased use of computers for business purposes. Almost every company in the world now uses computers to monitor inventory, track employees, increase business, communicate with employees and customers and hold private human resource information. While technology has served our businesses well in these areas, some downfalls have come in the way of security risks that technology brings with it. Businesses have to increase their level of security for many reasons, to protect their customers, employees and confidential business information. As hackers are becoming more sophisticated, it is easier for them to break into a business network or database and steal confidential information. If a theft includes confidential employee information, you are putting both your employees at risk and your business, as employees may have the right to sue your corporation for damages. Avoiding this involves integrating the latest security measures and updating them on a regular basis. In addition to confidential employee information, there is also the danger of losing important company information. Continue reading

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